“We are very concerned that the contract negotiated with SNC Lavalin and others, emphasizes low cost, disposal of all wastes, and completion of a facility within six years. It appears the consortium may have won the bid to manage Canadian Nuclear Labs by proposing a quick and dirty approach to dealing with Canada’s nuclear wastes that reduced the cost of “cleanup” from $10 billion to $600 million. We want to know who said it was okay to ignore over a billion dollars worth of work on the previous cleanup plan.“

Johanna Echlin, OFWCA


This was always called God’s country and for all the generations that have been here it is God’s country. It doesn’t sound like God’s country now – it sounds like the devil’s mound and that is what is going to be up there. (preface to last question of the day to CNL representatives at Old Fort William, July 15, 2017 see transcript here)

Old Fort William Cottager