“The incredibly complex and messy radioactive contamination at the Chalk River site has gone largely ignored for almost 70 years – see http://ccnr.org/crl_sacrifice.pdf ]. Now, within the span of a few years, we have the prospect of foreign companies making profits at Canadian taxpayer expense by building a “quick and dirty” gigantic mound of radioactive waste that will be difficult or impossible to remediate when it starts falling apart. The mound would include fission products like cesium-137, strontium-90, and iodine-129, transuranic actinides like plutonium, neptunium and americium, and activation products like tritium, nickel-59 and carbon-14, along with 14 tons of asbestos and lots of toxic chemicals, in a hopelessly entangled mix that will be poorly characterized and impossibly difficult for future generations to try to deal with.”

Read the submission: goo.gl/9io9Vq

Gordon Edwards, CCNR, excerpt from “A Heap of Trouble” submission to the CNSC August 16, 2017

“By failing to provide adequate waste containment, this proposal flagrantly disregards the International Atomic Energy Agency’s safety standard for disposal of radioactive waste.”

Ole Hendrickson, CCRCA researcher