Fact sheets produced by Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area

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Ten things Canadians should know about the Chalk River radioactive megadump


Ten MORE things Canadians should know about the Chalk River megadump


Who owns Atomic Energy of Canada?


Why is there so much plutonium in the radioactive wastes at Chalk River?


Is it legal to abandon radioactive waste in Canada?


Problems with radioactive waste classification put Canadians at risk


Post-fission radioactive wastes – a Witches’ brew and a giant problem for Canadian taxpayers


How would the Chalk River mound leak? Let us count the ways


Flagrant disregard of IAEA safety standards in the Chalk River Mound plan


Five fatal flaws of the plan for the Chalk River Mound


Use of poetic license by proponent of the Chalk River Mound


Is a mound an acceptable way to dispose of radioactive waste?


Radioactive materials proposed for the mega-dump


Powerpoint presentations

Presenation to the Environmental Stewardship Council June 22, 2017

Presentation to the Ottawa Riverkeeper Riverwatch Program  June, 2017