Sample messages for NO CONSENT day of action

More information about the No Consent Day of Action here.

Sample email message

Dear (add the name of your elected official)

I would like to request your urgent attention to licensing hearings for a giant radioactive waste mound on traditional unceded Algonquin land alongside the Ottawa River upstream of Ottawa-Gatineau and Montreal.

These licensing hearings are being held by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, widely perceived to be a captured regulator and in need of reform. The hearings are proceeding despite serious problems with the dump proposal and specific requests by four Algonquin First Nations that the hearings be suspended.

The First Nations in question say they have not been adequately consulted or in some cases not consulted at all and are not prepared to give their consent to the project.

Please do what you can to ensure that the proposed radioactive waste facility does not receive a license at this time, and that the rights of Indigenous communities are respected.

Yours sincerely,

Sample tweets

Support Algonquin Nations’ rights on #NoConsent Day. Tell feds no #nuclearwaste on First Nations lands! Here are words of 5 First Nations who do not consent to #ChalkRiver dump:   @JustinTrudeau @MarcMillerVM @PattyHajdu @Rvelshi @CNSC_CCSN @GGCanada

Protect Kitchi Sibi Ottawa River and Mother Earth! Send messages of support to Kebaowek, Barriere Lake, Wolf Lake and Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nations here: #NoConsent

#NoConsent to nuclear waste on Algonquin lands! @CNSC_CCSN hearings today must listen to First Nations. Free prior and informed consent. @MarcMillerVM @PattyHajdu @Rvelshi @SophieChatel1 @JonathanWNV @s_guilbeault @GGCanada @Laurel_BC @kyleseeback @ElizabethMay @m_pauze #cdnpoli

MPs: #FirstNations do not consent to #ChalkRiver nuclear dump @SophieChatel1 @GregFergus @stevenmackinnon @Yasir_Naqvi @anitavandenbeld @DavidMcGuinty @MonaFortier @mflalonde @AryaCanada @JennaSudds @Francis_Drouin @PierrePoilievre @cherylgallant @seblemire @stephanelauzon5 #CNSC

Ottawa/Gatineau #water comes 100% from the #OttawaRiver. Listen to #Indigenous allies: Algonquin First Nations are saying #NoConsent to #radioactivewaste next to a major river. #WaterIsLife @CNSC_CCSN @RVelshi @JonathanWNV @s_guilbeault @Laurel_BC @ElizabethMay @m_pauze #cdnpoli

Where to send your emails and tweets

Twitter Tags for Decision-makers and MPs
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission@CNSC_CCSN
President and CEO of CNSC Rumina Velshi@RVelshi    Email:
Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson@JonathanWNV Email:
Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault@s_guilbeault  Email:
Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Marc Miller @MarcMillerVM  Email:
Minister of Indigenous Services Patty Hajdu@PattyHajdu   Email:
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau@JustinTrudeau   Email:
Governor General of Canada Mary Simon@GGCanada              
Opposition Critics in Parliament
Laurel Collins – NDP Critic for Environment and Climate Change@Laurel_BC
Richard Cannings– NDP Deputy Critic for Natural Resources@CanningsNDP
Charlie Angus – NDP Critic for Natural Resources@CharlieAngusNDP
Kyle Seeback – Conservative Shadow minister for Environment and Climate Change@kyleseeback
Greg McLean – Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources@GregMcLeanYYC
Elizabeth May, MP, Green Party of Canada@ElizabethMay
Monique Pauzé, Députée et porte-parole de l’environnement pour le Bloc Québécois@m_pauze
Tag your Member of ParliamentRegional (Eastern Ont./West Que.) MPs
Sophie Chatel@SophieChatel1
Greg Fergus@GregFergus
Steven MacKinnon@stevenmackinnon
Yasir Naqvi @Yasir_Naqvi
Anita Vandenbeld@anitavandenbeld
David McGuinty@DavidMcGuinty
Mona Fortier@MonaFortier
Chandra Arya@AryaCanada
Jenna Sudds@JennaSudds
Francis Drouin@Francis_Drouin
Pierre Poilievre@PierrePoilievre
Cheryl Gallant@cherylgallant
Sébastien Lemire@seblemire
Stéphane Lauzon@stephanelauzon5
Email addresses – Members of Parliament and MinistersThe standard Parliamentary address is: 
Or you can look up your MP here: 

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