“NO CONSENT” Day of Action June 2

A multinational consortium plans to pile up one million tonnes of radioactive and hazardous wastes in a gigantic landfill beside the Kitchi Sibi / Ottawa River in unceded traditional Algonquin territory.

The proponent’s own studies show that the giant mound would leak and disintegrate long before radioactive components like plutonium decayed to a harmless state. 

Staff of Canada’s captured nuclear regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, are recommending that the license be approved.

On Thursday June 2, 2022 the commission will hear oral interventions from five Algonquin First Nations who say they have not been adequately consulted about the plan and DO NOT CONSENT to the licensing of the facility at this time.

Everyone with concerns about the plan for the giant leaking radioactive dump is invited to support the Algonquin First Nations in a “NO CONSENT” Day of Action on Thursday, June 2.

HERE IS HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT and STAND WITH our Algonquin friends and allies on June 2:


~ Come to the hearings at the Best Western Hotel in Pembroke and sit in the hearing room while the Algonquin First Nations make their presentations to the tribunal (roughly 11 am to 5 pm)

~ Wear a racing bib (piece of paper pinned to your clothing) that says “NO CONSENT” or “FPIC” for “Free Prior and Informed Consent”

~ While your car is parked at the hotel, decorate it with a “NO CONSENT” or “FPIC” sign


~ Send messages to decision makers: MPs, councillors, Mayors etc. (sample messages here and see twitter tags below the photo)

~ Spread the word to your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues and encourage them to participate

~ Make a NO CONSENT sign, and share photos of it on social media, using the #NOCONSENT hashtag; be sure to tag elected officials and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

~ Send a note of encouragement or thanks to our Algonquin allies on the NO CONSENT DAY of ACTION Facebook Page. https://fb.me/e/1HiCMydeY

Ktichi Sibi May 24, 2022, 9 pm

Twitter Tags for Decision-makers and MPs

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

President and CEO of CNSC Rumina Velshi

Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson


Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault


Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Marc Miller 


Minister of Indigenous Services Patty Hajdu


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Governor General of Canada Mary Simon


Opposition Critics

Laurel Collins – NDP Critic for Environment and Climate Change


Richard Cannings– NDP Deputy Critic for Natural Resources


Charlie Angus – NDP Critic for Natural Resources


Kyle Seeback – Conservative Shadow minister for Environment and Climate Change


Greg McLean – Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources


Elizabeth May, MP, Green Party of Canada


Monique Pauzé, Députée et porte-parole de l’environnement pour le Bloc Québécois


Tag your Member of Parliament.  Regional (Eastern Ont./West Que.) MPs:

Sophie Chatel


Greg Fergus


Steven MacKinnon


Yasir Naqvi 


Anita Vandenbeld


David McGuinty


Mona Fortier




Chandra Arya


Jenna Sudds


Francis Drouin


Pierre Poilievre


Cheryl Gallant


Sébastien Lemire


Stéphane Lauzon


One thought on ““NO CONSENT” Day of Action June 2

  1. […] If you can’t join us in person, please send one or more messages to decision makers to let them know that five Algonquin First Nations say they have not been adequately consulted and do not support the proposal to build the giant radioactive waste mound on their unceded territory. For more info and sample messages start here. […]


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