*** Thursday June 2 is INDIGENOUS DAY at the hearings***

Licensing hearings for the Chalk River Mound (NSDF) will take place May 30 – June 3, 2022

For six long years, many folks have been working hard to stop the plan to pile up one million tonnes of radioactive and hazardous wastes in a gigantic landfill beside the Ottawa River. The proponent’s own studies show that the giant mound would leak and disintegrate long before radioactive components like plutonium decayed to a harmless state. 

Staff of Canada’s captured nuclear regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, are recommending that the license be approved. There are many flaws, errors and omissions in the CNSC staff’s case to approve the license. The hearings will take place at the Best Western Hotel in Pembroke from May 30 to June 3, 2022.

This is precedent setting folks! Please join us in supporting all the groups and individuals who will intervene on behalf of common sense and future generations. You are welcome to watch the hearings online or in person, and we hope there might also be some activities outside of the official proceedings that we will livestream and invite the public to attend.

Here is a link to the draft agenda for the five days of hearings: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HUScWS-WgMwX0mABZW9cNF3q3B_I6K7U/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=112478340457417432001&rtpof=true&sd=true

The graphic below from Radio Canada Découverte, March 2018, shows the mound overflowing as part of the degradation and erosion process, described by the proponent in its Performance Assessment report.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-9.png

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