AECL/CNL/CNEA Contract Excerpt ~ ALL Wastes

NB. Clause above refers to one specific location, LaPrade heavy water facility in Quebec. Similar clauses in the contract refer to other federal facilities.

This section of the contract refers to all of the federal wastes (key clause highlighted in yellow below):

Contract – Schedule G – Contractor Performance Evaluation and Terms of Payment 

2.2 Award Fee Plan 

      (a) Each Annual PEM Plan will include, as a component thereof, an Award Fee Plan that defines differently weighted, reasonably achievable Performance Objectives and Performance Outcomes that are to be satisfied or achieved by CNL in connection with the performance of the SOC Obligations during the Operating Year (the “Award Fee Criteria”). The Parties agree that the Award Fee Criteria may be comprised, in whole or in part, of performance indicators which will be assessed by AECL. The Award Fee Plan will also specify the Annual Earnable Award Fee for the Operating Year, which will be allocated among the Award Fee Criteria using a scorecard-style rating grid. 

      (b) The Performance Objectives and the Performance Outcomes that are included in the Award Fee Plan for any Operating Year will reflect the following goals (as applicable): 

(i) contain costs associated with the Sites, the Facilities and the Assets (in each case, other than those related to the WL Obligations or the NPD Obligations) by improving efficiency while leveraging their value in delivering on the missions of CNL; 

(ii) implement cost reduction initiatives that result in measurable operating savings at the Sites (other than those related to the WL Obligations or the NPD Obligations); 

(iii) substantially reduce the cost of liabilities in the most cost-effective manner through the optimization of decommissioning and waste management activities; 

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